"Forged excellent long term relationships" 

"I have been a member of SING (originally BRE) since I stated in business some nine years ago. I got my very first client at SING and have forged excellent long term relationships with members over the years. In Willwriting my business is built on quality and trust. I have for the last been a member of three networking groups for the last three years and SING consistently proves to be the top income provider. 
SING is a friendly group and we have helped even the most nervous people to gain confidence and what is more its very cost effective. If you prefer the more regimented approach where giving referrals are demanded then sing may not be for you. I know when I get a referral at SING it will be a quality referral." 
David Nixon Staffordshire Will Writers 

"Everyone is friendly and  eager to help" 

"I have been a Member of SING for 3 years and am really enjoying being part of this successful vibrant Business Club. 
Every one of the members are friendly and eager to help one another to be successful in their businesses. 
I now have 14 members as Website clients including SING Business Club and have passed several referral business leads during this time. 
Would recommend anyone who is thinking of starting or looking to further their business opportunities come along and visit us . You can be sure of a warm welcome from all the Members who regularly attend." 
Graham Nicklin It’seeze Web Design 

"Sure of a warm welcome" 

"I have been a member of SING on and off for 6 years with various businesses and have used most of the members services over the years and have no problem (and do) referring these businesses on. I over the last 2 years have picked up clients and business links in excess of £ 15,000 via SING and its members and have reciprocated by referrals. 
The best asset of belonging to SING is the help and support the members give within the group, whether advice related to running a business or discussing new ideas to expand your knowledge. SING is more like a business club for like-minded and growing companies & individuals who don’t want the pressure of formal networking, in a more relaxed way and doing business together. 
I am confident that any visitors, looking for additional avenues to grow their business or meet like-minded colleagues, are sure of a warm reception (even the first breakfast is free) and see opportunities." 
"Welcoming with no pressure" 
"Sure of a warm welcome""SING is different from any other networking groups I have been a part of. It is welcoming with no pressure & everyone is willing to share & help each other. 
The members have all taken time to understand my business and have become a great support. Being a member of SING has undoubtedly helped the growth of my business, not just through clients I've gained, but also through the mentoring advice that has been freely given by my fellow members." 

"Helped increase my confidence" 

"Becoming part of SING Business Group has really helped me to increase my confidence as the owner of a new business. The friendly welcome soon made me feel comfortable enough to speak and promote my business to potential customers. Sharing ideas and experiences has helped my business to grow. It is also gratifying to be able to promote and delight in the success of the group members." 
Machita Denny Insight Autism Consultancy 

"A real option to look at" 

“I joined the group when my business was in its first trading year. I’m now into my 5th year and this group is the one that continues to draw me in on a regular basis. 
It’s an ideal structure for sharing individual expertise that helps the different businesses to grow. It keeps us all up to date with the local economy and encourages the development of new and sustainable business relationships. You can’t afford to go it alone if you want a thriving venture and this group ticks all the boxes for me. 
Don’t get me wrong, you still need your antennae out. The group isn’t responsible for your business and nor should it be. But if you’re looking for a supportive group of people, who’ve experienced the highs and lows of running an enterprise, then this group is a real option to look at.” 
Carole Renshaw Sincere Moments 
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